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>> The second City Hospital novel, with a doctor, an EMT and awkening sexuality. Give Emergency a try today!

>> Meeting an old friend, moving home, and quiet country life - just how many changes can one homecoming create? Find out in You Can Go Home Again.

So, who's Drew Zachary, anyway?

Well, that's easy. I'm Drew, and I'm a writer.

Oh, all right. Here's the low down:

Born in the wilds of Canada, Drew grew up with an axe in one hand and a book in the other. Drew's love of writing is outshone only by his love of men. Lucky for him, he can combine the two.

From his father, Drew learned how to wield that axe, fix a carburetor and bake a mean can of beans using fire, gas or electricity. From his mother, he learned how to rotate the tires, turn apples into just about anything from cider to pie to a meatless lasagna, and how to swim. At twelve Drew ran away to join the circus, only to run away from it when he realized just how badly elephant poop stinks.

When Drew ran out of books to read he started writing his own and never looked back. His home is filled with books, unfinished manuscripts and his grandmother's knick knacks. His best friend is a dog named Barney and his pet fish keep him entertained for hours.

Drew writes about love because he still believes in it. Even though he's never found that special man himself, he's never given up hope. Well, never on a permanent basis, anyway.